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Facts and Statistics About Phishing


32% of breaches involve email phishing attacks


On average 64% of companies experience phishing each year


48% of malicious attachments are office files

Reporting phishing emails made easy

The most common cyber-attack that orginizations and companies suffer from is phishing. 96% of phishing attacks slip through perimeter technology and arrive via email. Users need to be engaged and empowered to easily report any phishing attempt that they suspect. With acceler’s phish reporter, your users can now report phishing emails with a single click via integration with outlook. Phish reporter also includes useful information when reporting a phishing email like the sender’s location, domain name, spam report and much more. Phish reporter supports the capability of internal reporting. Reports of phishing emails can reach your IT or security department for them to take the proper action.

Why acceler phish reporter?


R Easy installation

R Integration with outlook

R Report phish with a single click

R Identify phishing emails faster

R Create a positive reporting culture

R Increase engagement with staff


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phish Reporter?

Phish Reporter is a tool that allows users to report suspicious emails with one click. Our email toolbar button simplifies reporting of suspected phish while standardizing the information for incident responders.

How will Phish Reporter help protect my business?

With Phish Reporter, enterprises can:

  • Give immediate user feedback, including metrics fed back into your IT department to showcase resiliency.  
  • Phish Reporter will give your IT department almost real-time, as-it-happens, threat intel on attacks hitting your users, keeping all the information intact. 
  • Enable people/human sensors to easily report phishing attacks.
  • Demonstrate program success and increased user resilience with accurate metrics.
How does Phish Reporter work?

Phish Reporter integrates with your outlook where the phish reporter icon will appear. Users who suspect an email being a phish will click that button, and Phish Reporter will analyze the email and prepare a report which then will be sent to your IT department.