Managed Endpoint Protection

Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks now more than ever.

Hackers will write custom malwares and viruses that typical antivirus or anti-malware software won’t be able to detect in time to prevent compromising of your system and corruption of your data.

Once the hackers gain access to your computers, they will try to do the following:

  • Delete your backups
  • Encrypt your documents to hold them ransom for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  
  • Copy your personal and your clients’ information to sell on the dark web for identity theft.

This can damage your business reputatio and costs you thousands of dollars to get back your data.


This service keeps your desktops, PCs, laptops, Tablets and Mobile devices fully secured and maintained by applying critical security updates, checking event logs for problems, checking the disk space, monitoring the health of the endpoint, making sure that the managed anti-virus solution in place is working properly and up to date for the latest virus definition files and all are compliant with the company policy and security best practices.


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