73% of Black hat hackers said firewalls and antivirus security is irrelevent or obsolete


On average 47% of small businesses targeted lost $17,000


On average 63% of medium and 70% of large businesses targeted lost $200,000

We Offer Multi-Levels of Cyber-Threats Protection for your Business

Vulnerability Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment will identify misconfigured systems and network elements, outdated software, and other vulnerabilities that could be leveraged to compromise a system or your network.


Penetration Testing

Your Website and your Web Applications are the image of your organization, and the first thing your clients will come to know if they get breached.  Penetration testing discovers the possibility for a hacker to gain hold of your data.

Managed Security Services

Our Security VAS Scanning, monitoring, and analysis actively performed 7 days/week and 365 days/year. An assessment of each verified vulnerability is performed to determine the likelihood of compromise and the potential impact on the organization. Recommendations in our report support your business, IT, and security stakeholders to define a phased remediation approach based on risk to your company.

Training and Insurance

Protect your business with comprehensive liability coverage and a 24/7.  Also increase employee awareness and support regulatory compliance with the acceler Academy™ Cybersecurity awareness training program.

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